Why Getting a Facial Should be a Regular Routine for Women (and Men)

Have you ever had a facial? If you haven’t, then you’re missing out on a large part of your life! I’ve found that a facial after a bad month or even a week can really help revitalize the body and get you back on track.

While I can’t claim a solid facial routine, I have a favorite skin clinic in Hoppers Crossing area that I keep going back to every time I need to cheer myself up.

So what’s in a facial? Here are some things to expect and enjoy.

The Consultation

A facial is usually conducted by a licensed esthetician who can first figure out exactly what you need after a thorough consultation. There can be a talk about stress, skin care, allergies, and any other concern that might be necessary to perform the facial.

This is important since estheticians use all kinds of skin products to get the job done and they need to make sure all those items work with the skin.

The Comfort

Once the consultation is over, there’s the prep work. If you’ve had a massage before, it’s a lot like this. A plump bathrobe is often given along with a towel for the hair and of course – really soft slippers. I find that taking off the shoes and using something that just cushions the ankles is a high part of the facial process.

The Ambience

One of the best things about the facial is really the general feel of the place. It’s just soft music and essential oils in the humidifier that just makes the room smell so wonderful. The whole setup is designed to make customers feel relaxed and replete.

Some read while others use their phone – but everyone gets to unwind and just forget about all the deadlines they have while sitting on that chair.

The Facial Itself

Of course, there’s the facial itself which I adore. No matter what product I buy, I can’t seem to match the cleaning process that an actual skin clinic can do for the skin. It starts with a steam of the skin which helps open up the pores. This helps remove dirt, oil, and clogs on the skin for a good cleansing.

For those who have pimples, cleansing and steaming are often followed by extractions. White heads and blackheads are also removed from the skin – leaving it perfectly devoid of the accumulated bad-vibes.

Exfoliating comes next which is when all the dead skin is scrubbed off, leaving only the young and smooth skin surface.

This is my favorite part of the whole facial process because you can really feel the esthetician doing her magic. Sure, it might be a bit uncomfortable during the extraction part – but once the face massage happens, everything is forgotten.

There’s something about having expert and soothing hands moving over the face that takes away all the stress. It also helps promote blood flow and reduce the chances of wrinkles on the skin.

Facial Massage and Facial Mask

So after the cleansing, extraction, and exfoliation – get ready for a really long facial massage. I often fall asleep during this time as the hand movement is incredibly relaxing. After the massage, a facial mask is carefully applied on the surface of the skin. There are usually several types of mask so clients can choose what they want.

Plump and Rosy Skin

Finally – the mask is removed and we’re just left with a plump, rosy, and stress-free skin.

At the end of the whole facial process, the attendants would usually leave one alone so they can fully relax and get back to a normal state. I like to take these few minutes to soak in all the pampering and just shrug off all the stress I’ve been carrying for the past few weeks.

By the time I pick myself off the table – I’m ready to start on life again. Hopefully, that’s the exact same reaction you’d get after a facial!

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