Indoor Soccer Is A Great Sport For Women

Women’s involvement in soccer normally means bringing their kids to soccer practices and games, but in reality, this sport is also a great option for active moms or women. Because many women like me have responsibilities or jobs during the day, it is a great idea to play indoor soccer. These facilities will more likely offer courses or games in the night when the kids are home and can be left with the father or with a babysitter.

There are tons of female soccer fans like me, and this is not just because our husbands or boyfriends regularly watch games. Soccer is a very active sport that keeps you moving a lot (even if you are goalkeeper) and thus, it will really work out your entire body during the game.

Benefits Of Indoor Soccer For Women

Men’s soccer leagues are more followed by fans worldwide, but this sport is also proven by research to be advantageous specifically to us women. While tons of us opt for running as our sport or typical exercise, playing soccer has many more health benefits.

Whether it is stronger muscles, better balance or a healthier heart, there are many good effects of this sport. I even found my maximum oxygen intake improving after joining the women’s league. But one of the best effects of soccer is the increase in a woman player’s bone mineral density, which means she can essentially reverse 3 to 6 years of bone aging.

The numerous benefits can be directly linked to the various movement patterns necessary when playing soccer. When I go running, I am only using some muscle groups while the others are not stimulated. On the other hand, when I sprint, kick, or do a header while playing soccer, I may end up exercising the whole body. Even a recreational soccer player like me can already see these health benefits.

Unlike more professional soccer players, indoor soccer players like me have a much lower risk of injury. This is because these games are less intense and competitive, even if you are part of a league. Thus, I am able to actually enjoy playing and not really think only of the scoreboard.

Best of all, when I take up running, I find myself lazier or unable to go when it is raining hard or when the temperatures are low. On the other hand, indoor soccer games push through whatever the season is, and we are less at the mercy of weather conditions compared to those who play outdoors. This is why women’s indoor soccer leagues are popular and you can easily find one close by.

Getting Into Indoor Soccer

Recreational team sports are a great way to meet people in the neighborhood, and because these indoor soccer stadiums are easy to find around, you do not have to fear if you do not have a team to join. You can simply go to the closest indoor stadium in your city to ask about indoor soccer offerings.

As a beginner, I started with introductory classes to develop my skills. As I learned the necessary skills, I also gained the confidence to join friendly games and eventually, decided to participate in the local league where the games are more competitive. Through these games, I also got to meet fellow female soccer fans in the rest of the area.

As I continued with the sport, I found myself becoming more fit. It might seem contradictory but by exercising, I found more energy for the rest of the days. Thanks to the flexible schedules and the fact that the courses push whatever the weather, it became a sport I was able to consistently participate in.