5 Benefits of Professional Office Cleaning Services

An average employee spends almost half of his waking hours at work. Having a clean and neat office is, therefore, a necessity than a luxury.

While employers have an internal staff to sweep and wipe the surfaces, I learned from experience to commission the help of a professional cleaning provider to thoroughly clean the nooks and crannies of the building.

The benefits of having a clean, organized office far outweighs the costs. Let me share 5 ultimate reasons why you should invest in wiping and mopping the floors to perfection:

Increased Work Productivity

A clean space equals a clean mind. Studies found that freeing the environment from clutter leads to increased work productivity.

Have you ever tried working in a messy desk? Then you know best how difficult it is to concentrate with too many obstructions.

Your attention is limited. With too many unnecessary stimuli competing for your attention, your productivity naturally decreases.

So when I can’t find time to remove those stubborn wall and carpet stains, I hire a professional cleaner.

They may appear harmless and irrelevant but these eyesores unconsciously pull down my drive.

Positive Company Culture

The benefits of having a clean work environment do not stop at the tangible results (i.e., productivity and revenue).

With a nice workspace also comes a nicer company culture. Don’t you just love to dress up and talk to clients confidently when your meeting rooms are equally clean, attractive, and fresh?

If the walls are painted with happy colors and the furniture pieces are sparkling with confidence, the employees are likely to exude the same vibe.

Again, these less-tangible benefits happen at the subconscious level. Everything is a play of perception.

Reduced Risk of Disease Contamination

Communicable diseases easily spread within closed spaces. My seatmate came to work with the first signs of flu, then I experienced the same symptoms just after a few days at work.

Having open spaces is great, but this doesn’t guarantee complete health safety at all.

A regular thorough professional cleaning of spaces, however, can help reduce the risk of spreading viruses.

Besides the usual vacuuming and dusting, professional office cleaning services can include sanitizing tools (e.g., computers, phones, pantry equipment, projectors), furniture (e.g., door knobs, counter tops), and other items (e.g., faucets, windows).

These preventive measures are necessary in crowded offices like mine.

Better Brand Image

You are what you wear and you are where you work. An insurance agent who brings a client to a messy, smelly office space will likely to receive a bad first impression.

The same thing happens during employment interviews. I likely perceive a company backward and poorly managed if its building is dusty, worn-out, and disorganized.

First impressions matter. In the business world, the design and cleanliness of your interiors are like what clothes are to a person.

They define the brand image. So if you’re keen to improve brand equity and revenue, don’t cut the budget for cleaning.

A clean office goes a long in silently marketing your brand to the public – tried and tested myself.

Increased Long-term Savings

Employers often overlook cleaning and organizing their offices and focus their efforts more on generating sales.

I know some employers who would totally disregard hiring cleaners, thinking that doing so eats up the operational costs.

It’s perfectly understandable to be minding the cash flow but neglecting cleaning can potentially damage the precious the movement of money one day.

For instance, one can prevent carpets from being severely stained and save cabinets from deep-seated dirt with regular cleaning.

While most cleaning providers offer a range of budget-friendly prices, the cost of deep cleaning is far higher than ordinary cleaning.

Not to mention, you may have to spend on repair or replacement costs if the damage is too much.

Prevention is always better than cure. Thus you should allot a reasonable budget for cleaning.

If you wish to hire an internal housekeeper on a part-time basis, it’s perfectly fine. But I find hiring professional cleaners occasionally is a good, strategic investment.

5 Things You Need to Consider When Buying a Mini Trampoline in Australia

Mini trampolines are nothing new. Sure, they have their origins from the full-sized trampolines that some of us may have in our backyards. What I am quite excited about is the growing popularity of portable rebounders. An officemate of mine bought one last week.

A friend is also contemplating on buying her own mini trampoline. The thing is, mini trampolines can be a safer and more fun way to burn calories while also enhancing core stability and joint flexibility.

But then, everything depends on whether you get the right mini trampoline or not. Hence, I decided to share with you the 5 things that you have to think about when deciding on the best mini trampoline to buy in Australia. Here they are:

1. Durability and Size of the Trampoline Mat

It matters a lot that the trampoline’s surface comes with a strong and durable material. Remember, this is the surface that will take most of your weight. As such, it is important to check out the material used in the mini trampoline’s construction. Inexpensive ones often use canvas or some other similar material.

There are also those that use polypropylene and other more advanced and stronger materials. The diameter of the mat also matters. If you don’t have the luxury of space at home, then you may need a smaller diameter. If space is not an issue, then get a larger size. You will be able to bounce more and execute more exercises on a larger surface area.

2. Sturdiness of the Frame

While the material construction of the trampoline mat matters a lot, do not forget to assess the quality of the frame, too. This is the structure that supports the mat. In a way, it is the skeleton of the mini trampoline. You would want it to be strong.

Always go for high-gauge steel frame instead of plastic or some other material. Make sure that the steel is thick. Also consider the rebounder’s user weight capacity. It will give you an idea of how strong the system is.

3. Material Used in Generating Bounce

It should be obvious that having a trampoline mat and frame are enough to let you bounce high up into the air. There must be a mechanism that attaches the mat to the frame. The same mechanism is also what gives the trampoline its bouncy action.

If you want to bounce high, go for mini trampolines with steel springs. However, be mindful that they are stiffer than other systems. As such, you may feel a bit of pressure on the knees as you land on the mat. Other rebounders come with bungee cord-like resistance bands. They are friendly to the joints but may not offer you a high bounce.

4. Additional Features

There are mini trampolines that come with stability bars. These are perfect for keeping you safe against accidental falls. Some also come with a frame cover, bridging the gap between the mat and the frame.

This feature also improves safety while protecting the spring mechanism. One feature you may want to consider is a mini trampoline’s foldable design. This means you can pack it and bring it with you wherever you go.

5. Price

Entry-level mini trampolines often come with a price tag below A$100. High-end rebounders, meanwhile, are those priced at A$400 and upwards. Expect the materials, construction, and features to vary depending on the price range. However, there are mini trampolines that can offer you exceptional value.

Picking the best mini trampoline in Australia to buy should not be very difficult, as my colleagues and friends have shown. By considering these 5 things, you can also bring home the right rebounder for you.

No SkinCare Routine Can Ever Replace A Thorough Facial Experience

No matter how good your skin care routine is at home, you will still enjoy the benefits of going to a professional. Because I do not have any skin issues that require me to go to my dermatologist often, I instead turn to skin care therapists for regular facials. Thanks to the expertise and experience of the therapists at my favorite facial clinic in Doncaster, I am very satisfied with how my face feels and looks.

In fact, I have made it a part of my monthly ritual to come by. This means that my skin gets checked by experts regularly and they remove the dirt as well as the oil that has accumulated in the pores. In the end, the skin gets massaged and deeply moisturized. These procedures do much more than just keep my face clean; it has also made me look much younger.

Here are some benefits of frequent facial treatments I can attest to.

1.    Understanding My Skin And Its Changes

Just like me, very few people have knowledge of their own skin. The skin undergoes a lot of changes, partly due to the season and the weather. Your expert facial technician will know how to tailor-fit a solution to your problem. This means, during the drier days in winter, you can expect a hydrating facial to prevent your face and skin from becoming too dry and older-looking.

2.    Deep-cleaning The Pores

Making sure that you clean deep down into the pores is no easy task, even if you have a rigorous skincare routine. This is one of the most obvious reasons why facial treatments are beneficial, as the aesthetician can remove any blackheads on the skin. Dirt-free pores also lead to beautiful and glowing skin and fewer breakouts.

3.    Being Massaged

A massage is always relaxing and it is the same case when you get a massage during your facial. The expert hands feel great on your shoulders, neck, and face, making you feel (and look) renewed after a long day or week at work. This is clearly the best part of the day for me.

4.    Personalized Care

Skin care is not as simple and clear-cut, because different people have different types of skin. It might also have other needs depending on the weather conditions. My best takeaway from facial treatment is understanding my own skin. This is because the aesthetician will take time to study your skin under a super magnifier and/or intense light. Having this knowledge can also help you pick the best skin care products that are sure to work. For example, very dry winter skin still needs proper hydration.

5.    Quick Results

Facials have a really instantaneous result, like a switch has been turned on, on your face. While some people tend to be a little bit red after their first time, most people just look like they are glowing. If you are, however, planning a facial before going to an event, then you should not have it done on the same day. Otherwise, you just need to try out other brands with different ingredients so you can figure out what is good for your sin.

What To Expect Before Your Appointment

A facial is not a permanent solution nor is it meant to solve other skin issues. The main purpose is to thoroughly clean the face and the pores and to apply creams that will moisturize your face.

Your first visit will give you a chance to ask important skin questions to find out whether your regular regimen and home products are effective. During my first appointment, I learned so much about my biggest organ, the skin, and how well my skincare routine was at maintaining my face.

It is certainly important for me to maintain my smooth skin, which is why I invested in pricier but better quality facials. This is not in vain because my face and my skin are happy and glowing, thanks to the gentle love and care of my aesthetician.