Tips for Opening a New Physio Clinic on a Patient’s Point of View

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Starting a business is always difficult. There’s no easy way out. You go through the process of obtaining licenses, hiring the right people, creating a core team, and so on. Much more so if your business is in line with medical services. Unlike products which are tangible and examinable, the quality of your offered services can only be tested after availment. Take opening a new physiotherapy clinic as an example. You have to convince patients of the physiotherapist’s capabilities with only testimonials and certifications as proof. Plus, you will more likely need affiliates and partners, and several marketing strategies to start building a client base.

Well, there are many strategies to get your way around the start-up phase. Market research is one effective tool. If you don’t have the financial capital to fund focus group discussions, you can try the rudimentary yet equally effective approach, which is to ask a friend. Specifically, a friend who is a regular client of your desired services to offer.

I must say, it was wise of my friend to ask me tips for opening Capital Physiotherapy new clinic in Balwyn. Not only because I’m from Balwyn, but also because I have always sought physiotherapy during my last pregnancies and when my husband had sports injury. In short, I have the first-hand experience and thus, the authority to give him tips from a patient’s point of view.

Obtain the Necessary Licenses

Of course, this tip is only a reiteration of what any businessman must have already known. But I emphasized this because in seeking medical services, physiotherapy specifically, critical patients like me would go as far as checking whether your business permits are updated.

Also, you need to secure the necessary licenses, trainings, and certifications of each member of your team including physiotherapists, affiliate physicians, nurses, and others. It will put the worries of your patients at rest.

Mind the Culture

Culture matters in marketing, in negotiations, in customer service, and in many other aspects. What may work in London, may not work here in Australia. Therefore, at one point, you need to be sensitive to cultural differences. Are these people conservative or liberal? Note that therapy sometimes involve touching sensitive parts, so you need to ask yourself questions like this.

Advertise What your Competitors Don’t Have

In business, there’s always competition. And patients always choose the one which gives them value for their money. We see value for money if the clinic offers something we need, which the others cannot offer. Define what that “something” is. It could be a new technique, an extensive network with physicians and other specialists, or it could be discount privileges.

Build Network

I told my friend that immersing himself in Balwyn for quite a while before formally setting up the clinic can help him a great deal. It lets him observe the culture, the kind of competition that exists, and more importantly, it allows him to build network. Patients like my husband who suffered sports injury may have hesitations. Like, my husband wanted to consult an orthopedic doctor first if the recommended technique of the physiotherapist will work out fine. This is not a sign of lack of trust, but when it comes to health, we always take proper precautions. So, it’s really a good strategy for my friend to partner with other medical practitioners that his future patients might need. His new clinic will then be a one-stop clinic, and this could add another layer of value for the patients.

Great Customer Service

Great customer service can sometimes make up for the lack of facilities. I’m not saying that my friend shouldn’t invest in improving facilities as this is also important. The facilities, equipment, machines, tools, and even the design of the clinic all create value for the patient’s money. But I believe that a kind treatment from the staff all the way up to the physiotherapists is a deal breaker.

Personally, when I call clinics, I always pay attention to their responsiveness and cordiality. If they can’t even take good phone calls, how can I entrust them with my limbs and muscles. I should just go to another clinic that’s both competent and accommodating.

So, there you have it, a few pointers I offered to my friend who’s about to open a new physiotherapy clinic in Balwyn. I hope it enlightens you just as it enlightened my friend.

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