7 Tips to Colouring Your Own Hair

hair-colouringMany individuals love having their hairs coloured to add a certain pizzazz to their personality and fashion sense. However, there are some of us who are averse to the idea of going to a hair salon for blonde hair colouring and as such they often do it themselves. While there clearly is nothing wrong about do-it-yourself hair colouring, if you are not careful, then you might end up going to the hair salon to have it fixed. So, while you may have excellent hair colour ideas but are not really confident about your level of skill, then it is still best to seek the services of a professional. But if you really are bent on colouring your own hair, here are 7 tips you may want to consider.

  1. Keep it simple. 

One of the biggest mistakes people have when they attempt to colour their hair is the choice of the wrong colour. If you think you can easily jump from a redhead to metallic platinum, then you are simply risking damaging your hair. Hair colours that change several notches within the colour spectrum often require multiple treatments or processes. This is best left to a professional. I learned that for best results, it is a lot better to colour your hair within to shades of your hair’s current colour, whether you’re going lighter or darker. To do this, you need to visit your favourite hair colour store and get a box that have the colour of the hair dye outside of the packaging. Choose one that closely matches the colour of your hair. Then, choose the hair dye that is about 2 shades darker or lighter from the original hair colour.  

  1. Always have adequate supply of hair dye. 

Some people think that getting a box of their chosen hair dye should be enough to cover their crowning glory. Unfortunately, if you are not careful, you might run out of pigments even before you’re done halfway with your hair. I really am not sure if you believe this but the general rule that most hair colour specialists observe is to make the shoulder as the basis for determining the number of boxes you’ll need. For instance, if your hair doesn’t normally extend beyond your shoulders, then a box will do. However, if your hair extends well below your shoulders, having an extra box won’t hurt as you can always use it the next time if in case you didn’t use it. 

  1. Always start with a strand test. 

I personally know someone who coloured her hair with a truly outrageous colour that resulted in her getting it fixed by a professional. As a matter of rule, in pretty much the same way as we first test the makeup we just bought on our hands, it is best to perform a test strand before jumping right in to colour your hair. It is best to test your hair dye on a few strands of hair that you have trimmed. Or, you can apply it on some strands of hair that are hidden from view. This way, if you don’t like the result, at least you can still hide it. Don’t make the same mistake as many did. 

  1. Try colouring your hair naked. 

I know this may sound crazy but colouring your hair can really be a messy prospect. Some DIYers have claimed colouring their hair completely naked. If this is not your thing, make sure to wear old clothes that you clearly don’t want to wear anymore. It should be a button-front shirt so you’re not going to slide it through your head especially when it is time for you to rinse the chemicals off your hair. You can also place plastic sheets like garbage bags over the floor and over items that may be splashed with the dye. Additionally, it’s a lot easier to clean up after.

  1. Don’t squeeze from the bottle. 

Instead of squirting the dye onto your hair, it’s better to use a colour brush to apply the dye onto your hair. It’s less messy and more precise. At any rate, you’ll be able to put on a better colour for your hair. 

  1. Always start from the roots. 

It is very crucial to start your hair colouring at the roots of your hair. From there, you can then gently and meticulously comb through your hair to distribute the dye. You can work in 4 to 6 sections at a time to achieve a more professional look, like those in the salons. 

  1. Always have 2 mirrors to work with. 

It is important to use 2 mirrors: one in front and one in the back so you will have a better chance of applying the hair dye a lot more efficiently and you don’t miss any sections.

These are just 7 tips which I can personally guarantee will help you achieve a more professional hair colouring, the DIY way. Again, if you’re not confident about it, just head out to your favourite hair salon and save yourself the hassle of all that prep work and other issues.

Balayage and How It Can Benefit You

BalayageGetting your hair done in the look that you desire can make a whole lot of difference in your everyday life. For one, having your crowning glory always look at it best hugely contributes  to your confidence level. You feel good and as a result you also feel that you can do so many things within the day. Today, there are now many ways to style your hair. There are effective ones and there are also those that require a lot of money. If you’re a practical person, you may highly consider the new balayage technique.

 What is balayage?

Balayage, which is also spelled as ‘baliage’ or ‘balliage’, is considered as an art of painting the hair. Its origin is the French word that means ‘balayer’ or ‘sweep away’. For so many years, there have been several hair coloring techniques that have made so many women go gaga over them. Though it’s been gaining popularity just recently, the technique surprisingly originated in France during the 1970s. Unlike other traditional techniques for hair coloring, balayage does not involve the use of foiling or other cap highlighting techniques. It involves manual application of the hair dye to achieve the desired color and effect. The stylist uses his or her hands to color the hair freely. In this way, the color and style that the stylist or the client wants is achieved.

Since the past few days, it’s already summer season in many countries. This makes it a great time to have a new hair color using the balayage technique. If you’re in a country like Australia, you surely is going to have fun in its gorgeous beaches. You can have more fun frolicking in the cold waters with your newly colored hair. So, if you haven’t changed your hair color yet, you may want to try balayage Melbourne. Don’t worry if you have long or short hair. Because the technique involves manual application of hair dye, it can be done even on short hairstyles like pixie crops.

What are the benefits of balayage?

Balayage is a technique that cannot be done instantly and perfectly if you’re not knowledgeable and experienced about it. So, you should not try to do it on your own at home if you haven’t done it yet. You should seek the service of professional a professional hair stylist so you won’t waste time, effort and money. When the technique is done properly, you‘ll definitely enjoy several benefits.

  • Low maintenance. Fixing the hair can be quite time consuming. This is not practical especially if you have a lot of tasks to accomplish every day. As a career person, what you need are life hacks that can help you get ready for work in just a few minutes. With the balayage technique, you surely won’t have to worry about having your hair fixed and ready in just a few seconds. Yes, you can go out and head to work even if you don’t spend a few minutes on your hair. The technique and the style require very low maintenance. You don’t need to apply hair creams to maintain the color and to keep it vibrant. You also don’t need to use conditioners to keep it healthy looking. In this way, you can take a quick bath especially during times when you are in a hurry.
  • Versatile technique. Unlike other hair coloring techniques, balayage allows you to have your hair colored in numerous ways. You can have an effect that is soft and natural, which is easily achieved with the use of the right strokes of color highlights. This is great for those who want to achieve a feminine look. If you want an effect that is strong and punky, the stylist will just darker hair color. The darkness of the hair dye will depend on the look that you want to achieve. There are also other ways of coloring your hair to achieve a particular style and effect. So, it is very clear that you definitely can achieve that effect and style that you want because the hair color is applied manually. But then again, make sure that the stylist you are working with is well-trained, highly experienced, and professional.
  • Hair always look great. With the usual hair coloring technique, you need to complete the hair coloring process. This may become messy and may will make your hair ugly after a few weeks, which will require you to go to the salon again to have it recolored or applied with another treatment. With balayage, you don’t have to worry about messy hair. If you chose shades and tones of browns, your hair becomes even more manageable. Brown always make any hair look good and healthy especially when under the sun.
  • With these benefits, you should highly consider trying balayage whatever the season is.  

Keep Your Skin Glowing With Natural Beauty Products

natural beauty

People are becoming health conscious, and the demand for natural health care products is on the rise. Shampoos, soaps, conditioners, face wash, facial and body care products that are derived from nature have a greater demand in the market. The benefits associated with natural care products are forcing people to shift towards natural beauty care products. Since these products are nature based, consumers are interested in consuming these products. These products do not have chemical content like sodium lauryl or laureth Sulfates. Moreover, the absence of parabens in these items has made them worthy from the health point of view.

Some of the other benefits include no animal testing of the products. Also, there are no animal by-products used in the products. So there is no need to worry about the impact on the animal population because of using beauty products. There is a wide range of health care products available in the market and the consumers now have a choice when it comes to choosing products for their face and body. Aloe vera base is famous for natural beauty products.

Consumers trying natural care products are happy with the results. Despite natural products being expensive, people do not mind spending the money as it is considered as a health investment. Moreover, natural products do not leave any residue and these are safe for the environment. Natural products are now available at the counter and can be ordered online as well. Choose the natural products you prefer and get it shipped to your doorstep.

Finding Free Beauty Samples Online

Beauty Products

Free products have always been a craze among rich and poor alike. People enjoy free options, and especially women are attracted towards free beauty samples. Makeup is the favorite of every woman as if makes the person feel younger and attractive. Makeup has multiple benefits, and the power of makeup cannot be ignored. Even a simple makeup can make you look attractive. Lipstick and blush are must for women who venture out of the house. There is no denying the fact that latest makeup items come at a cost that not many can afford them. If you want to stay in trend but do not want to spend big money, then free beauty samples are the way to go.

Most of the major beauty brands offer a free sample, and this includes health and beauty range. The Internet is the best place to hunt for free samples of your favorite beauty brand. There is a lot of information available on the internet that can lead you to free samples. Many websites can lead you to top beauty companies that offer free samples for a limited period. Consumers who want free samples have to keep their eyes and ears open to benefits from the deal. Grab the offer once you see them. Do not wait for long as they will vanish before your eyes.

The free samples hardly remain for a short duration, and it is important to act immediately to take advantage of it. Never lose an offer contemplating whether to take it or not.